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This guide is now well over 15 years old. I started it in January of 1995 because so many people were asking me, "where is the adult stuff?" The original guide was just one page, it has grown alot since then. I have tried to include all kinds of sex related information to make it a true resource. This guide is provided for FREE, all I ask is that you patronize the services advertised. If you find a bad link or have a correction please let me know.

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The Reichan ShowThis site was once featured on The Reichan Show. You may remember Reichen Lehmkul from the Amazing Race. For a while he had his own TV show and featured this site on it.

If your reading this far would you might be interested in just how much sex there was on the Internet in 1995? Today there are literally millions of adult links but in 1995 people really had to search to find any. Orginally it was well hidden in secret stashes. My original The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide from 1995 did contain most every adult link. Back then FTP sites were the main places you would find porn. Most every link on that page is now dead, I just posted it for nostalgia. At the time it was so popular that my ISP couldn't handle the bandwith. That was the start of bandwidth limits being imposed.

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